Why Y Combinator In 2019-2020: The Accelerator's Latest Startups Provide An Inside Look by Jonathan Moed

TL;DR - Y Combinator is a famous and growing accelerator program that has a high success rate in aiding founders.

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Questions answered:

  • What does Y Combinator offer to founders?
  • What is the Y Combinator experience?


  • Y Combinator has evolved to have a more international footprint with a focus on emerging markets.
  • On top of its 3-month seed accelerator program, Y Combinator launched a Series A program and offers an online course.
  • Y Combinator offers its companies $150K in exchange for 7% equity.
  • The program is open ended; includes office hours, feedback sessions, checkpoints, and an orientation.
  • Participants use Demo Day to attract investors for a seed round.
  • Y Combinator founders list the alumni network as the most valuable asset from the accelerator.
  • The diligence and fundraising cycles are much faster in the US than in other countries.

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