Why Software is Eating the World by Marc Andreessen

TL;DR - Andreessen Horowitz founding partner Marc Andreessen lays out his influential vision for the future of startups and venture capital, writing in 2011.

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Tags - notable investors, vc development, trends

Questions addressed:

  • Who is Marc Andreessen?
  • What vision did he have for the world in 2011 and how did he envision VC fitting in?


  • Marc Andreessen founded several billion-dollar companies before founding Andreessen Horowitz and becoming a VC thought leader.
  • Tech companies are not in a bubble, but rather poised to grow in influence and shape the entire economy over the next few years.
  • Health care and education may be the next big movers in software.
  • Tech incumbents may also be disrupted.
  • Education will be critical to reallocate workers in disrupted industries to new tech jobs.
  • Many of the new firms will emerge from Silicon Valley with the help of VC.

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