Where To Issue ICO Tokens: Platforms Review by CoinTelegraph

TL;DR - Some examples of popular ICO platforms are: Ethereum, Waves, NEO, NEM, and Stellar.

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Questions answered:

  • What are some popular platforms for ICOs?


  • Over 82 percent of ICO projects issue their tokens on Ethereum.
  • Around 9 percent of ICO projects develop their own custom Blockchain platform for different purposes; Ethereum did this to expand the capabilities of Bitcoin’S Blockchain beyond a peer-to-peer payment system.
  • Ethereum dominates the blockchain market; its native token Ether is the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin,
  • Waves is a Russia-based project founded in 2016. It’s currently the second most popular platform used to issue ICO tokens behind Ethereum.
  • Ethereum, Waves, NEO, NEM, and Stellar have already had at least several successful ICOs held on them.