Time to Define what an Entrepreneurial Hub is by Tuukka Toivonen

TL;DR - The 4 things that define a good entrepreneurial hub are building collaborative communities, having a diverse group of members, facilitating creativity through physical space, and localizing global culture.

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Questions answered:

  • What are the usual elements one would expect to find at existing hubs or in a serious hub blueprint?


  • 1. Hubs build collaborative communities with entrepreneurial individuals at the center. It’s vital for the companies to be developing in a collaborative environment.
  • 2. Hubs attract diverse members with heterogeneous knowledge. Heterogeneous cognitive resources are thought to make the emergence of novel combinations of ideas and practices more likely, resulting in unique and viable innovations.
  • 3. Hubs facilitate creativity and collaboration in physical and digital space. Hubs should have an aesthetically pleasing workplace with events such as hackathons or pitch nights to further promote collaboration.
  • 4. Hubs localize global entrepreneurial culture.

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