The Passion Economy and the Future of Work by Li Jin

TL;DR - Li Jin uses her platform as partner at Andreessen Horowitz to cultivate a position of thought leadership in the VC world, particularly around the Passion Economy.

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Tags - notable investors, vc thought leaders, trends, passion economy

Questions addressed:

  • Who is Li Jin?
  • What is her role as a VC thought leader?
  • How does she envision the changing economy?


  • Li Jin is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz focused on early-stage consumer tech and known for defining and focusing on what she calls the “passion economy.”
  • Modern online marketplaces no longer “flatten individuality,” but offer the chance to build a loyal customer base and monetize unique skills and passions.
  • Examples of the passion economy include platforms like Substack and Podia.
  • Li predicts that the Gig Economy will transition to a Passion Economy.
    • These changes have already come to marketplaces for physical products (e.g. Amazon vs. Spotify) but will soon come to services as well.
  • Marketplaces will need to include incentives and helpful tools as they scale to avoid customers and content creators taking the relationship offline.

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