Meet The Man Democratizing Venture Capital For Everyday Investors and Founders by Amy Guttman


Serial Entrepreneur Jonathan Medved is democratizing venture capital for investors and founders through his own startup, OurCrowd, headquartered in Jerusalem.


Topic Tags: Democratization, Diversity, Venture Capital, Startup

Relevant Questions:

  • What exactly is democratization?
  • Is this the first we are seeing of democratization in finance?
  • Is there a market for this type of investing?


  • Democratization is making it easier for the average person to invest.
  • This kind of investing is, in some ways, as revolutionary as the democratization of the stock market we witnessed in the 80s, when consumers no longer needed brokers to buy and sell shares.
  • There are about 10 million households in the US, or about 10 percent, that could invest in this type of way.

Follow Up Questions:

How similar is this type of platform to other fintech startups like Robinhood?