Jason Lemkin just raised a $70 million fund; here’s how he did it by Connie Loizos

TL;DR - Jason Lemkin is a founder who was able to become a solo VC and raise a large debut fund due to his thought leadership in the SaaS space.

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Tags - notable investors, saas, micro vc

Questions addressed:

  • Who is Jason Lemkin?
  • What is his impact on the VC industry?


  • Jason Lemkin started several SaaS companies before becoming a thought leader in the space and then becoming a VC, debuting with a $70 million fund.
  • Lemkin attracted an audience through blogging and answering questions on Quora about SaaS businesses.
  • He then created a website and started hosting events including an annual SaaStr conference that attracts thousands.
  • His new fund is called SaaStr fund and it is notable for its size and the fact that he’s the only GP.
  • He plans to use an inbound-only philosophy where founders seek him out rather than vice versa.

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