Investors are still failing to back founders from diverse backgrounds by Jonathan Shieber

Relevant questions addressed:

  • Which kinds of people are getting VC dollars?

Summary bullet points

  • The large majority of venture dollars are invested in companies run by white men with a university degree
    • Dispels the “meritocratic myth that Silicon Valley has created for itself”
  • Of a survey of nearly 10,000 founders that were invested in in 2017,
    • 9% were women
    • 17% identified as asian american
    • 2.4% identified as middle eastern
    • 1.9% identified as latinx
    • 1% identified as black
  • Ivy-educated founders captured 27% of all VC dollars in 2017
    • Founders without university degree had about 6% of those dollars
  • Location matters
    • 42.26% of VC investments go to companies based in Silicon Valley

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