Investor Spotlight: Greylock celebrates its 53rd year with a pair of IPO wins by Dana Olsen

TL;DR - LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman joined Greylock Partners, where he now acts as a thought leader within the established VC firm.

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Tags - notable investors, thought leaders, paypal mafia

Questions addressed:

  • Who is Reid Hoffman?
  • What influence do Hoffman and Greylock have on the VC industry?
  • What are the structures and strategies behind Greylock’s investments?


  • Former PayPal COO and LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman is now a partner at Greylock.
  • He also plays a thought leadership role through his Masters of Scale podcast.
  • Notable Greylock investments include Dropbox, Workday, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Greylock invests at every stage and is currently investing a $1.1 billion fund.
  • The firm is the 20th-most active VC of the last decade.
  • Late-stage investments make up almost a third of its portfolio.

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