How this Asian Woman Entrepreneur is Redefining the World of Venture Capital by Pooja Singh

TLDR: Pocket Sun, the 27-year-old co-founder of multi-million dollar VC firm SoGal, wants to better gender dynamics


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  • How is she increasing roles for women in VC?
  • How common is it for women to start their own funds?


  • Yiqing “Pocket” Sun became a venture capitalist by accident. A Chinese national who arrived in the US in 2009 to study at Virginia’s William & Mary College, Sun was enjoying her job at an American corporate marketing firm when suddenly she had to quit because of work visa issues.
  • Sun decided to start SoGal (inspired from Southern California’s university SoCal acronym + Gal) as a student organization at USC in 2014, which quickly grew into a global community of entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Today, SoGal Ventures is a multimillion-dollar, female-led, millennial venture capital firm.

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