How Singapore Became an Entrepreneurial Hub by Scott D. Anthony

TL;DR - Singapore is a fast-growing up for VC and startup activity. The government plays a crucial role in the development of these hub areas.

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Topic Tags - Hubs, emerging hubs, startup hubs, VC trends, Noncompete, government, incentives

Questions answered:

  • What incentives drive the formation of hubs?
  • Why is Singapore a fast-developing region for VC and startups?


  • Noncompete agreements may play a big role in the development of hubs. Another important factor is ‘liberal immigration policies for skilled workers.’
  • The author argues limited natural resources → innovative macroeconomic approaches.
  • Universities often lie at the center of hubs and are crucial to their development.
  • Singapore has seen a huge growth in VC activity. “$30 million in 2011 to more than $1 billion in 2013”.
  • Singapore has simple yet respected laws, allowing entrepreneurship to be easy.
  • The Singapore government is also very supportive of VC and entrepreneurship both financially and emotionally.
  • Singapore investments have yet to break the national border, but hope is in the air.

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