How Emerging Entrepreneurial Hubs Are Becoming America's New Boomtowns by Joan Siefert Rose

TL;DR - “density, talent, and tolerance” these three factors come together to make hubs boom.

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Questions answered:

  • What are hubs?
  • Where are hubs?
  • What incentives drive the formation of hubs?


  • West Coast and mid-Atlantic have always been VC booming locations, but recently various other locations have been seeing more frequent deals, including Duhram NC, Saltlake, and Florida.
  • Startup hubs include Saltlake, Durham, Austin, Seattle, and Denver/Boulder. These places have lots of opportunities and are not in California where the cost of living is high.
  • Cities full of smart, ambitious, hardworking people, combined with good universities are places where VC opportunities will be present. (“density, talent, and tolerance”)
  • Phononic, a successful VC backed company chose to have its headquarters in NC, showing the trend in VC.
  • Places with affordable housing and open offices are great for startups.