Here Is Where The Future of Venture Capital Is Heading, According To This Triple Unicorn Investor by Yola Roberts

TL;DR - Karan Mehandru thinks that VC and founders have had an imbalance of power for far too long, VC partners should be more proactive in portfolio companies, and VC should expand their diversity in partners.

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Questions answered:

  • What does an incredibly successful unicorn investor think makes a successful VC?


  • Karan Mehandru is an investor whose 3 investments (Cohesity, Outreach, Autho) all achieved billion dollars valuations
  • VC and founders have an imbalance of power for a long time (VC act like *badword*, and founders have to suck up to them)
  • Mehandru have advocated for VC investors to be more like operators rather than check writers
  • Diverse venture team is key
    • Most right now are white males with similar education backgrounds
    • 9% of venture partners are women

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