Diversity and Inclusion in the VC industry by Deloitte and NVCA

TLDR:The second edition of the NVCA-Deloitte Human Capital Survey was designed to capture critical data on the workforce at VC firms and benchmark against the findings from the 2016 survey, as well as better understand the latest demographics within the VC industry.


Topic Tags:Diversity, VC, Consulting

Relevant Questions:

  • How is diversity in the VC field?
  • How have recent diversity efforts made a difference?


  • Racial/ethnic minorities are underrepresented in the VC industry.
  • Women make up nearly half of the VC workforce.
  • Millennials are increasingly organizational decision- and change-makers.
  • Most research on the VC industry has only looked at investment professionals. We looked at the composition of the entire workforce, including support positions that are critical to firms' success.

Follow Up Questions:

  • Why have VC firms been able to represent women well but not minorites?