Black Americans Who Broke Barriers on Wall Street and Beyond by Marissa Gertz

TLDR: It was quite difficult for Black Americans to break the Wall Street barrier, and today we still don’t see equal representation on the street.


Topic Tags: African Americans in Finance

Relevant Questions:

  • Who were the first African Americans to work in Finance?
  • Are African Americans well represented in Finance?
  • Is Wall Street diverse?


  • African Americans like OW Gurley and JB Stradford helped to build what was known as Black Wall Street in Tusla. This place was attacked by White Supremacists and has never recovered.
  • African Americans have had a difficult time breaking the barrier, but the first ones paved a path for future careers for other African Americans in finance.
  • Despite this, African Americans are still underrepresented in Finance.
  • The percentage of Black Ceos has fallen over the past 10 years.

Follow Up Questions:

  • What has Wall Street done to make finance more inclusive for African Americans?

Are there any programs to help African Americans get careers in finance?