Billionaire VC Doug Leone reveals Sequoia’s spending power by Adam Lewis

TL;DR - Doug Leone and Sequoia are expanding geographically and increasing the size of some of their funds to reflect changing industry realities.

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Tags - sequoia, international vc, softbank, private markets

Questions addressed:

  • Who is Doug Leone?
  • How is he shaping Sequoia and in turn the VC landscape?
  • How does this influence or reflect current trends in VC?


  • Doug Leone has headed Sequoia Capital since the 1990s.
  • The firm has recently expanded into large, fast-growing geographies like China, Israel, India, and Singapore - Sequoia now spends half of its money in China.
  • Sequoia is raising an $8B fund, the largest US-based VC fund ever, in reaction to SoftBank’s $100B Vision Fund.
  • Trends highlighted by these changes are the rise of China’s startup scene, the influence of new megafunds like SoftBank on the VC world, and the tendency for growing companies to stay private for longer.

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