Advice on Launching a Tech Startup when you're not a white man by Cheryl Contee

TLDR: White males control much of the startup industry, and in order to succeed as POC or woman one must be ready to face failure.


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Relevant Questions:

  • Is the Tech Startup industry diverse?
  • How can nonwhite founders start a company?
  • What barriers do nonwhite founders face?
  • What steps can nonwhite founders take to reduce barriers?


  • Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Up. While every entrepreneur knows failure is a possibility, women and minorities feel more social pressure to be risk averse.
  • Find the right investor, someone who will provide you with the funding and guidance to succeed.
  • Don’t get mad at microaggressions, or when things feel unfair. Just keep working.
  • Build a strong pitch deck, this is where you can impress investors and how you can prove your worth

Follow Up Questions:

Are there any nonwhite tech startups that have succeeded?