A Standard and Clean Series A Term Sheet by Jason Kwon & Aaron Harris

VCs usually have superior knowledge than founders when it comes to term sheets. It’s important that when founders look at a term sheet they can identify standard terms and provisions that address perceived investor risks.

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What should a good term sheet look like?

What term sheet provisions can be good for founders?

What do investors look for in a term sheet?

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  • Founders usually have inferior knowledge than VCs when it comes to term sheets and might not know good from bad, especially in terms of control or structure
  • In an example Series A term sheet, many terms can be negotiated depending on what the parties can leverage, but there are standards for what to expect
  • Deal terms offered by investors highlight the risks they are most worried about
    • Board structure provisions can lead to founders losing control of the big picture and potentially being replaced
    • Investor director’s approval provisions can lead to founders losing operational control of the company
    • Some investors try to address risk by adding conditional provisions that protect their investment and give them a fixed return if triggered
    • Founders should try to steer them away from the latter and negotiate on valuation to address risk, while getting more standard terms
  • The first term sheet sets the model for future term sheets, so it is beneficial to have a clean one that makes things easy and fast
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