7 Women Leaders At Corporate Venture Capital Funds You Should Know by Kelly Hoey

TL;DR - A list of women leaders at corporate venture capital (CVC) funds and what types of companies their funds typically invest in

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Questions answered:

  • How significant is the role of CVCs in the venture capital industry?
  • Who are some leaders in CVC that founders should follow/add to their network?
    • What types of companies do their funds invest in?


  • Startup founders should pay attention to corporate venture capital (CVC).
    • CVCs participated in just 20% of all VC deals in 2017, but the trajectory is only heading upward.
    • Most CVCs can greatly benefit founders by providing extensive expertise around the market, competitive landscape, customer mindset, and workflow.
    • They heavily invest, nurtur ideas, mentor founders, and sometimes ultimately acquire startups, so making connections with them is a smart networking move for startups.
  • Seven women leaders in CVC that founders should add to their network are:
  • Allison Gordberg (SVP & Group Managing Director, WarnerMedia Investments)
    • Target: early to mid-stage companies that generate strategic value to WarnerMedia’s businesses
  • Jessica Peltz-Zatulove (Partner, MDC Ventures)
    • Target: digital media/marketing technology companies that address the needs of the modern chief marketing officer
    • Typically invests from the seed stage (pre seed, seed, post seed, Series A)
  • Rashmi Gopinath (Partner, M12)
    • Target: enterprise software, cybersecurity, SaaS, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, devops and IoT.
    • Typically invests from series A through D
  • Darcy Frisch (Managing Director & VP, Hearst Ventures)
    • Target: digital media, mobility and software
    • Typically invests from series A through C
  • Siggi Hindrichs (Principal, Samsung NEXT)
    • Target: software and service startups
    • Invests from seed through series B stage
  • Lindsay Fitzgerald (Managing Director, Amex Ventures)
    • Target: consumer commerce, B2B services, and technologies that can enable American Express’s core capabilities (including fraud prevention, security and data analytics)
    • Typically invests from series A through C
  • Meredith Finn (VP, Salesforce Ventures)
    • Target: enterprise, education, HR, financial and social sector technologies built on the Salesforce platform (or that could integrate with Salesforce products)
    • Typically invests from series A

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